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Dental Health Care You Expect & Deserve

We believe everyone deserves to eat comfortably, speak freely and smile with confidence.


Our goal is to ensure every one of our patients achieves this outcome.

Dental Clinic Surgery

Our Mission

We understand that where you have your dental treatment carried out is your choice. It is our privilege to look after you and our duty to ensure that your treatment is safe, of the highest quality and addresses your concerns.

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive general dental care for patients of all ages, as well as bespoke specialist solutions for advanced cases. Our entire team has been trained to deliver the highest standard of dental care and all of our dentists are specialists in their respective fields.

We work with some of the best associated specialists in London so that we can offer our patients treatments such as Orthodontics to straighten teeth, including Invisalign, and specialist treatment for gum disease.

We welcome referrals for advice, treatment planning and comprehensive dental and prosthodontic care.

We know it is a privilege when a patient chooses to visit us for their dental treatment and exceptional patient care is our first priority.


We will listen to you and understand your concerns. We will provide you treatment solutions that are safe, efficiently executed, and specifically tailored to your needs. 

Dr Kavit Shah looking through loupes
Marble Surface
Cosmetic Dentistry Icon


Complete care for teeth and gums to preserve health, function and appearance.

Restorative Dentistry Icon


Solutions to restore confidence to eat, talk and smile.

Preventative Denistry Icon


Changing the shape, contour and alignment of teeth to create a perfect smile.

The London Prosthodontics

Our Exceptional Reputation

Located in the heart of the West End, our practice has a long and decorated history spanning almost a century and involving many eminent dentists. We are very proud of this legacy and the exceptional reputation we have maintained.

All of our dentists have undertaken extensive training and are registered specialists recognised by the General Dental Council. They are experts in their respective fields. Actively involved in education, our dentists are visiting faculty at several world-renowned teaching hospitals. They lecture both nationally and internationally, enjoying well-earned affiliations with the world acclaimed Eastman Dental Institute, University College London and GKT Dental Institute, Kings College London.

The Art and Science of Prosthodontics is an ever-progressing field. To ensure we keep abreast of advances in equipment and the most up to date techniques, all our dentists regularly engage in further training to enhance their skill set. We guarantee our patients will receive the highest standard of care and treatment, from the best in the profession.

Three dentists at London Prosthodontics
Bright and Modern dental surgery

Bespoke Dental Treatments

Our primary focus is your dental health. We strive to ensure you feel cared for, safe, comfortable and in control. 

We use the latest, cutting edge dental equipment and techniques to ensure you get the best outcomes. You may need a filling, composite bonding or ceramic veneers to recreate your smile, replacement of missing teeth with dental implants or a complex full mouth rehabilitation. As our patient, you will have access to all these treatment solutions, and more, all executed gently and to the highest standards

We use advanced Airflow technology for pain free teeth cleaning and stain removal. We use microscopes for precision dental treatment and digital intra-oral scanners that avoid the need to take uncomfortable dental moulds. We use computer milling and 3D printing to design and manufacture restorations in the laboratory. 

Dentistry with Precision

Latest 3D Digital Technology

Patient Focused Oral Health Care

Happy patient at London Prosthodontics

Happy Patients

5 Star Review
"I was sent to Dr Kavit Shah by another dentist to solve the grinding and sudden clashes of two of my teeth which had caused one of my teeth to be wobbly. I thought the tooth had come out of its root.

I found Dr Shah extremely efficient, professional and ethical in his work. I like his conservative approach to doing his best to preserve your natural or current teeth as much as possible and avoids unnecessary procedures. To my surprise, after an Xray he assured me that my tooth was ok and would settle down, which it did. Many other dentists would have pulled it out!

He is also a real gentleman. He would make you comfortable and explain with great patience all procedures required for the treatment. His charges are also very reasonable for Harley Street. The only reason I am reluctant to recommend him is that when you find a good dentist you want to keep him for yourself!"

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