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Cosmetic Dentistry

Twenty first century dentistry is no longer limited to treatment of dental decay and gum disease. We always strive to ensure that all our patients are comfortable, with healthy teeth and gums but it does not have to stop there. 

Beauty, symmetry and harmony are the foundations behind the cosmetic dental solutions we can offer. The smile that you deserve, that represents you and that you are proud of is no longer a wish but can be a reality. 

Using state of the art techniques and materials it is possible to change the shape, contour and alignment of the teeth to create your perfect smile. All of our treatment solutions are bespoke and tailored to harmonise with your unique requests and to fit within your specific budget.

We look forward to creating your new smile with you.



Veneers are thin facings, made of unique ceramic materials or specialised acrylic resin and they are custom manufactured to fit over the front surface of teeth. They obtain their strength and they support the tooth because of a tough adhesive which is used to cement them in place. They can be used to correct poorly formed, broken-down, discoloured or mal-positioned teeth as well as to close gaps between teeth. 

Our veneers are fabricated by master dental technicians. You always have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your new veneers, including the colour and shape with the technician. 

In most cases the removal of some of the surface of the tooth is required in order to provide space for the veneer(s). It is important to be aware that this is an irreversible process but we will preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible using ultra-conservative techniques and materials. 

In certain cases, using veneers alone may require the removal of excessive amounts of your tooth in order to create the result you desire. This can be avoided by using conservative treatments such as orthodontics (Braces or Invisalign) to align the teeth.


At your consultation and after a detailed examination, our dentists will collaborate with you to provide treatment solutions that are unique and perfect for you.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth discolour for various reasons including, staining from food substances, following root canal treatment, as a result of trauma, and with age. 

Tooth whitening can be a highly effective, yet a very simple way of lightening the colour of your teeth and ‘freshening up’ your smile without causing any irreversible damage to the tooth surface. It makes teeth lighter and this successfully gives the appearance of a bright, white, beautiful smile. It involves the use of chemicals to ‘oxidise’ and remove the coloured compounds within the teeth. 

Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when carried out under professional supervision. Treatment results usually depend on the severity of the discolouration and may take longer to achieve the desired result.. The final outcome is very stable but it usually requires periodic ‘top-ups’ in order to be maintained.

We use a number of different researched techniques and materials from leading manufacturers in order to achieve the best results, in the shortest time possible.


We look forward to seeing you for a consultation where we will be able discuss the various types of whitening procedures and provide you with a unique treatment sequence tailored to your specific discolouration.

Enlighten whitening
Philips Zoom whitening
Teeth whitening before and after

Composite Bonding

The contours and edges of your front teeth teeth can get damaged and chipped from a clenching/grinding habit, from acidic food and drink and occasional from trauma. Your front teeth may also have minor rotations and imperfections. There are many ways in which these can be addressed and one method is known as composite bonding. Composite bonding can also be used to add finishing touches following orthodontic treatment such as after Invisalign.


Composite is a tooth coloured filling material which has a resin base with ceramic fillers. It allows us to seamless blend and match bonding/fillings with the colour of your teeth. Composite can predictably bond to tooth structure using a meticulous bonding protocol.

Before carrying out composite bonding,, we routinely undertake a diagnostic process whereby our master technicians hand craft the proposed final result on models of your teeth using a wax template. We use the mock up so that you can visualise the final appearance prior to actually carrying out treatment. 


In order to ensure you have a predictable long term outcome, your composite bonding will require maintenance. Ensuring you have regular dental examinations plays a role in the aftercare and longevity of composite bonding.

Composite bonding
White filling

White Fillings

White fillings consist of specialised, high-strength resins containing various types of ceramic filler particle. They are manufactured in various colours, which can be mixed so that the filling blends seamlessly with the colour of your natural tooth.


They have been used routinely in the front of the mouth but  improvements in their strength allow them to offer a predictable and aesthetic alternative to the silver ‘amalgam’ fillings for back teeth.

White (composite) fillings are more complex to place than silver fillings. In order to achieve the best outcome, they require specific equipment and techniques. Our specialist dental surgeons are very experienced in using these materials to craft restorations that mimic nature,

The life expectancy of your white filling, as well as any filling in general, can depend on the depth of cavity and its position in the mouth; your dentist is best positioned to advise you.

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