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We'd Love Your Feedback

Thank you for visiting the practice and for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Your feedback is essential and so important to us. It allows us to make significant changes so that we can improve the quality of care that we provide and the experience of all the patients that we treat.

How would you rate the overall care that you received on your visit?
How would you rate your experience prior to receiving dental treatment?
Was the process of scheduling an appointment straightforward?
Were the facilities comfortable?
Did you receive a pleasant welcome and were you made to feel comfortable?
How was your experience in the dental surgery?
Were you seen in a timely manner?
Did you have enough time with the dentist to express your concerns and discuss your problems?
How well do you feel we addressed your unique concerns and problems with the treatment that we provided?
How was your experience after your dental treatment was completed?
Were you given clear guidance and instructions on how to look after your mouth following the treatment?
Were you aware of and comfortable with the charges before the dental treatment was carried out?
Did you feel that we provided appropriate follow up?

Thank you for submitting this form.

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