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Guideline price list

What are the costs associated with the treatment we provide?

At The London Centre for Prosthodontics each patient that we treat is unique and all the treatments that we provide are bespoke and tailored to specifically meet the individual needs of each patient. It is for this reason that we do not provide an exhaustive and extensive specific price list of treatments. Following a detailed examination and consultation, we can provide you with all the treatment options available to manage you individual case together with an accurate estimate of the costs associated with each treatment.

The cost of a consultation and examination will be in the region £180 depending on the x-rays that are required. Occasionally additional x-ray views and casts of the teeth are required in order to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the more complex case. Your dentist will advise you if you need this essential diagnostic phase together with the associated costs.

The following price list is provided to serve as a guide for the costs associated with some of the more common treatments we provide. However this list of treatment options is not exhaustive and some of the item prices may vary depending on the complexity of the clinical presentation and the proposed treatment plan. Our preference is always to provide every patient with a detailed and bespoke written estimate of treatment following on from a comprehensive examination and assessment.

Diagnostic Treatments

New patient consultation and examination:

from £250

Routine examination (for existing patients):

from £100

Small x-rays:

from £30

Panoral radiographs:

from £100

Study models and advanced case planning:

from £500


from £110


The material that is chosen for fillings will always be based on the clinical presentation in order to achieve the best functional and aesthetic outcome and the cost will vary depending on size and complexity:

from £300

Crowns & Veneers

The material that is chosen for crowns will always be based on the clinical presentation in order to achieve the best functional and aesthetic outcome and the cost will vary depending on complexity:

from £1,200

Root Canal Treatment


from £900


from £990


from £1,150

Apical microsurgery:

from £1,250


Complete denture (per jaw):

from £3,200

Partial denture (per Jaw) :

from £3,500


This is the approximate cost of a straightforward fully restored single dental implant and the variability is based on the cost of materials that can be used to manufacture the final crown. Please note that this does NOT include the cost of any bone grafting or additional procedures that may be required. A fully itemized bespoke cost will be provided following on from a detailed clinical examination with supporting special investigations:

from £2,950 - £3,500

CBCT scan (3D Image) :

from £150

Teeth Whitening

Take-Home tooth whitening:

from £550

Please note that at the present time we do not offer in-office tooth whitening